1936 Texas Centennial

Yeah - I favor the Texas Centennial!
txcent cowgirlSince I live in Texas and since most of its magnificent art-deco buildings are still standing!

(From a 1936 Postcard Folder)

"In the Year 1836 the Republic of Texas was Born. The Century that has passed since that time has seen Texas as an Independent Nation, as a member of tbe Confederacy and as the twenty-ninth State of the Union."

"Dominating the Social, Economic and Political structure of the Southwest, Texas in the Hundred Years that have passed since she won her freedom, has grown to be a great State, a mighty Empire. To commemorate the brilliant achievements, the glorious traditions and the bright future of the Lone Star, the year 1936 has been dedicated to celebrations throughout the State."

"Chief among these celebrations is the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas. Opening on June 6th it will continue until November 29th. Here commerce and industry, art and science, will be merged in a glamorous spectacle which will depict the development of Texas, not only since the thrilling days of 1836 but since the coming of the first white man to Texas in 1519."

"At the Texas Centennial Exposition the visitor will find a notable achievement in the creation of World's Fairs. As the first World's Fair of the Southwest, the Centennial Exposition in Dallas, will truly reveal the majesty of this last frontier of American resources and industry."

"The visitor interested in the historical story of Texas will find the State of Texas Building a veritable monument of the past relics, records and collections of documents which graphically tell the story of the Lone Star. There will also be the $150,000.00 dramatic spectacle "The Cavalcade of Texas - An Empire on Parade" which will reveal in dramatic form the story of the building of Texas."

"The exhibits of the Texas Centennial Exposition will cover all phases of the modern American Science. Electricity, Petroleum, Transportation, Communication, Foods, Agricultural and Varied Industries are but a few of the buildings or building groups which will house exhibits. Additional to these structures there will be several magnificent exhibit halls erected by the Ford Motor Company, Texas Oil Company, Continental Oil Company and others.' The City of Dallas, building for the future generation, has created a Civic Center in the Heart of the Centennial Exposition, The Fine Arts Museum, The Museum of Natural History, The Aquarium, The Auditorium, The Horticultural Building, erected at a cost of $2,000,000.00."

"The Open Air Amphitheatre and Band Shell for the lovers of Music and Drama, A sports stadium with a capacity of 47,000 will be the centre of the athletic program with sports events of all types scheduled. This Stadium will also provide ample room for the many special conventions, ceremonies and colorful special events to be staged during the Exposition's course."

"The United States Government will participate in the Centennial Exposition with a stately building housing its displays gathered from the various federal departments."

"Dallas, the Exposition City, is of itself an interesting place. Its many hotels offer ample accommodations for the visitor while White Rock Lake with its attractive Park, the numerous public tennis courts and golf links offer ideal recreation facilities. The smartest night clubs may be found in Dallas and other Cities of Texas offer interesting side tours for the Exposition Visitor."

"Texas during 1936, through its great Centennial Exposition at Dallas, through its many celebrations, offers the visitor an ideal opportunity to learn of the pleasant vacation, the ideal climate and beautiful scenery of the Lone Star State."